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Why time is important

“On time is an art. Being there where required when required is a business ethics which is more needed than ever. Today we plan our calendersbefore hand and the sightest changes can bring about a vast difference in efficiency, deliverance and economy in whole. Our truckers are well aware of this fundamental. So while the

Prepare before you haul

“Make a list, be precise and voice your pointers to our logistics team and beyond that you can sit back and relax till our guys make it till your door. Logistics has advanced to another level where you no longer have to worry about losing your goods or for any wear and tear. Logistics today

Real Time Tracking with Gps

“Nowadays, you don’t really need to call to check on your delivery. Our gps enabled vehicles lets us pin point their location and in return you are made aware of an estimated delivery time which is almost accurate every time. With advanced infrastructures in place, moving from one place to another is no more a

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Contract logistics

We handle designing and planning supply chains, designing facilities outlook, warehousing, transporting and distribution of goods, processing orders and collection of payments, managing inventory and even providing customer service to a level.

Overland and Air Freight

We focus on overland and air freights more than anything. That is the secret behind our effectiveness. While overland hauling gives us the option to tranfer in bulk, air freight enables us to deliver on time and more precision for cases that needs immediate attention.

Warehousing and Storage

We also help you storing your transfer for as long as required in minimal costs. We gauranteean on time deliver but just in case you are still on your way, we will take care of your valuables. Lower your storage costs and avail good maintenance…

Our Clients Say

  • “My job demands that I relocate frequently. Although I do not tag my furnitures along with me, my car is needs me more than ever now that I am the Area Manager. CarrierPress is my solution as the last logistics company left a huge dent both on my car and in my pocket.”

  • “My life was made easy by CarrierPress. Now I book my perishables for my employees everyday and they deliver them to my offices on time after a brief stint at their cold storage facilities.”